Transforming AngularJS Requests for PHP

05/22/2015 Sean Cole Comments 0

I picked up AngularJS about five or six months ago for a project at work. Early on I decided that I didn’t want to confuse the issue by having to learn a new language at the same time, so I decided to use PHP for my back-end. If you are at all familiar with AngularJS you may begin to see the problems I was about to encounter. At first, development was flawless, even enjoyable; However, when I started implementing my forms I began to notice that something was wrong. None of my form fields were being submitted to my PHP scripts!

After much digging I eventually came across a post that mentioned the $httpProvider in conjunction with transformRequest and I was able to narrow my focus until I eventually found this extremely useful blog post. Below, I have adapted Victor’s script to utilize John Papa’s Style Guide, which made it easier to apply some DRY principles to without cluttering the global scope.

I urge you to read Victor’s blog post about this as it goes into an in depth explanation and points out some important caveats about jQuery’s $.param() function and PHP’s input streams.

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